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"Songwriter of the world"


"Philibert, Song Writer of the World" is a show dedicated to the public space and the hall. 


With Philibert, a colorful all-round artist, you will take a leap back in time. The sixties, seventies and eighties will undoubtedly remind you of something. In this creation, the musician Philibert is a former beatnick and rocker who celebrates and pays homage to a time when we thought we could change the world with guitar riffs.


It is thus quite naturally that Philibert, the time of a burlesque folk & roll concert tries to make us become aware of the dreams which carried the folk and rock musicians, being used to illustrate its remarks of their texts, their songs, to confront them with the time in which we live through. 


But what has become of their utopias in the 2020s? 

What happened to their utopias in the time of climate change and Covid 19? Doesn't Philibert dream himself a life?



Director: Françoise Bouvard, Facundo Diab, Jean-Christophe Coutaud

Interpretation: Jean-Christophe Coutaud

Creative Residencies : 

May 2022 Rodhilan

October 2021 La Filature du Mazel

August 2021 Anduze

March-April 2021 La Filature du Mazel

February 2021 Bagnols les Bains, at the Rude Boy Crew

November 2020 Monoblet

Creation 2020-2022 supported by the Occitanie Region, the Department of Gard, the City of Nîmes and the Community of Communes of Piedmont Cévenol.

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