Spektra Compagny is involved in important causes. Through its several artistics actions, the team wants to deliver a strong message to its audience in a burlesque, playful and humorous way.

The feminine condition : 

With the "Dolores, un espectaculo total" show, the artist Jean-Christophe Coutaud features the character of Dolores, zany, clownish and funny woman. A humorous and sincere show that tackles the very topical subject of the status of women in our current society.

The climate : 
Considered as one of the major subjects of the 21st century, the climate is a cause that inspires artists. It is not uncommon to find Jean-Christophe Coutaud involved in taking action on this subject.


The cultural diversity :

In its choices of artistic creations and distribution, there is very often the promotion of cultural diversity. 

Spektra, it's not only a cultural and artistic compagny but it's also a structure that loudly carries values ​​to support and defend.

In the press...

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Lutte contre le réchauffement climatique