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Burlesque show at the Cabaret Minusculo

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Midi Libre article - 19 september 2019


The tiniest cabaret in Nîmes, that's it !


The Cabaret Minusculo can welcome about thirty people for various shows.


A limited edition show... Eclectic, electric, acoustic, prolific, dreamlike, hysterical, digital, hemispheric, polyphonic, bucolic, episodic, spasmodic, kinetic...


In an intimate and warm place, you will discover new creations and artistic projects such as Monsieur Parallèle and Dolorès, but not only: evening debates on different themes, theater courses and workshops. 


A good address for meetings and cultural discoveries. 


Le Cabaret website

Cabaret Minusculo,  5 rue Pierre Dévoluy, 30 900 Nïmes  

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