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DOLORES y matadoras
¡En busca del amor !

Creation 2023!

Trio for wandering outside the walls, theatrical, musical and improvised interventions in the public space and non-dedicated places.



The trio Dolores y Matadoras is a street formula with three comedians/clowns for the street, the public space and non-dedicated places.


The starting point is the universe of Dolores, her solos for the theater and the street. We find her offbeat, flamenco, kitsch universe where the influences of Almodovar and Alex de la Iglesia are very present.

Our three characters of matadors (women) and flamenco dancers (men), question the question of the gender.  And this in an even more contrasted and diversified way than with Dolores solo, since two women matadors come to support our androgynous Dolores.

3 characters with well marked and differentiated personalities, as much by their burlesque characters as by their costumes.


The underlying intentions are to question gender, but also femininity, feminism, male and female roles. To make us travel a little to this Spain of the movida and the world of the Madrid night. To speak about the lack of love and the need for affection, universal subject in which we all find ourselves...


The non-verbal wanderings of our three figures of deep Spain are marked by :

- fixed scenes, strong and poetic images, non-verbal. These characters are looking for and discovering love, they are looking for the encounter in an unknown universe. They are a little lost and are in search of artistic recognition, and simply of love. As are most artists...

- very visual movements among the public, using the available spaces

- it can become a procession to celebrate something joyful or sad, always in a poetic and burlesque spirit

- actions, connections with the public, objects, isolated people, always in this quest for love and recognition

- a cappella songs that can happen if the meeting with some spectators lends itself to it

- a choreography that can also happen at the right moment

- a party scene if the situation lends itself to it

- the "conquest of a private space" if the complicity established with shops or private spaces allows it, then our three characters make a passage in the window of a store, behind the stand of a fishmonger, on the balcony of an inhabitant etc. Everything is possible when you are invited!

The interactions with the public are each time privileged moments, for one or several people, dedicated moments, of softness, of non-verbal dialogue, of complicity that is built in the moment. These atypical encounters must remain anchored in the minds of the adult and child spectators.




Interpretation : Mariel Simonneau, Oriane Dumont, Jean-Christophe Coutaud;

Accompanying director : Adrian Schvarzstein

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