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Adrian Schvarzstein

A show about migrations, exiles, newcomers, a show about us!

They came from the not so distant past, and for this reason, have a somewhat different view of the current world. They are naively touching and ready to help anyone, anywhere. They surprise, provoke and make passers-by laugh with their amusing behavior by creating situations that are as absurd as they are surreal. The music coming out of their suitcases is the only indication of where these two strangers came from. The audience then becomes part of the show. ​ With Adrian Schvarzstein and Jurate Sirvyte

Living in Barcelona, Adrian is a mix of different nationalities who has trained all over Europe. He is a comedian, actor and director of circus and street theater. He also performs in opera and baroque music companies, but he is particularly remarkable in mixing all these disciplines in one show!


After working with the Belgian circus Ronaldo, he created the Klezmer circus, which toured for 12 years. Street theater such as The Greenman, The bed, Danse' and recently Arrived are touring all year round. He created KAMCHATKA, a theater company that bases its creations on the theme of emigrants.


With a very important objective: to make the spectator a very amused participant.

Some prices:

-Mira Miro prize for Kamchatka

- BELGIUM, 2008 -Ernst prize for his solo shows

- GERMANY, 2008 -Baroque Music Evenings Varazdin

- CROATIA 2013 & 2015 -ZIRKOLIKA circus prize for director in 2010 and best show 2018


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