"Le rire qui d'ailleurs a été le fil rouge de la soirée de bout en bout.Un rire qui a jailli de scènes mémorables (...). Du burlesque comme annoncé mais du loufoque comme on a peine à l'imaginer.Bref une bonne tranche de rigolade sans prise de tête pour le plus grand plaisir des amateurs du genre..." MIDI LIBRE

All-terrain show for the street (fixed or wandering) and the hall, atypical, interactive, totally crazy that does not leave the spectator unharmed. A real conference, a unique "One-Mujer-Show", feminist, and performed by a man!
A burlesque show around flamenco and Spain which loves the audience and which Dolores quickly enlists on stage ...
Between theatre, clown and boufon, this crazy conference on flamenco is not a humorous show like the others.

Flexible durations from 40 minutes to 1h15. Dolorès intervenes in the street, fixed or wandering (Songs, public interactions, intervention with fire at night).


¡Dolorès! Un espectaculo total
Description of the complete show on the street or indoors:

Dolores, the most famous flamenco dancer in the world, performs once again close to you!

She's just returned from her last international tour and is happy to share with you her own vision of flamenco. Flamenco "made in Dolores"! And she talks about her life as an artist, her career ...

¡Atencion ! Dolores is an extremely complex being ! She is looking for a unique and total love ! ¡Cuidado ! It could be you !

The show can be performed in French, Spanish, English and German. Dolores is an international and polyglot star !

Interpretation and direction: Jean-Christophe Coutaud; Direction: Christophe Devietti, Jean-Christophe Coutaud

"Laughter, which by the way was the common thread running through the evening from start to finish.
A laughter that gushed forth from memorable scenes (...). Burlesque as advertised but crazy as one can hardly imagine.
In short, a good slice of laughter without any headache to the delight of fans of the genre ..." 

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