We are SPEKTRA a company from Nîmes with an important anchorage in the Gard region but also in Spain, Catalonia and the Basque Country.


We are mobilized on the creation and diffusion of theatrical and musical universes that are offbeat, eclectic and rich in their proposals.


We work on different axes:


- The creation and diffusion of our own burlesque and clown theatre shows for the street and the hall :


Dolores flamenco burlesque (Creation 2014)


Philibert Songwriter of the world (Production and creation in progress supported by the CD30, and the City of Nîmes).


- The promotion of international and French artists, in France, Spain, Germany and elsewhere: Hortzmuga Teatroa (Esp), Monsieur Parallèle (Fr), Larutan (Esp).


- The development of a pocket theatre in Nîmes, the "Cabaret Minusculo", a place of residence, creation and promotion of artists.