Baby Blue, Deep blue, sea Blue, electric Blue.
A look to the sky, what is born within, what´s found deep in the ocean; a halloo, a call from far away.
Out Of The Blue II is what you find when you are not looking. What comes out of nothing. What is presented unexpectedly. That thing that comes unannounced.
A presence that does not feel essence. Something lost, something stolen, something adapted.
Sky, sea, air; rain maybe. It is the dew in the first hour of dawn. Two strange bodies, two bodies that meet. In essence, in loneliness, in the distant.

OUT OF THE BLUE is a small contemporary format dance designed to be shown on the street where two performers are on stage. It is a fresh and fun work that comes from the need to enjoy the pleasure of dancing freely, of moving, disconnecting, get it out of the routine already established. Reason why this proposal is to have the public enjoying as much as we do. We want our audience to smile, to feel the rhythm of the excitement to which the piece leads.

Direction and coreography
Maria Andres
Denis Martinez | Maria Andres
Maria Andres
Photography and videos

Audio needs
4 X PA 500W per channel or
2 X PA 500W per channel and 1 SUBWOOFER

Septembre 2020  Festival de la Merce, Barcelona

Janvier 2020  "Out of the blue II" (première allemande), Kulturbösse, Freiburg

MARIA ANDRES has a degree in Bellas Artes from the UCM and a degree in contemporary dance from the RCPD Mariemma. She is currently a researcher at the University of the Basque Country, where she also completed a master’s degree in Contemporary, Technological and Performative Art.
As an interpreter she worked for Gelabert Azzopardi Companyia de Dansa, Ertza Compañia, Matxalen Bilbao, La Coja Dansa, CaraBdanza, Compagnia Della Quarta, Nuria Perez, MyMadder and Laura Cobo, among others.
She currently directs the LaRutan group, and created the following dance and performance pieces: Depóuiller (2012, BIDE award at the 26th Choreographic Competition of Madrid), Taito-ku (2014, Prize at the XI International Competition of Dance and Performing Arts, ADAE ), Out Of The Blue (2015), Blue Power (2016), We Know Us (2017) and Out Of The Blue II (2018).
As an artist she has been repeatedly awarded and her photographic work has been exhibited in numerous occasions.

Denis Martínez Roque graduated from the Professional Dance School of Cuba, where he started as a professional dancer in companies such as Codanza and Endedanz.
He joined the National Dance Company (Contemporary Dance of Cuba, DCC) back in 2009, where he participated in international tours dancing on important stages such as: The world of the Opera of Rome, The House of Dance in Lion, The Sadler´s Wells Theater of London, The Royal Theater of Madrid, and the National Auditorium of Mexico.
In 2013 he began working as the first soloist and choreographer under the direction of the Artistic Council of the National Company and the Ministry of Culture of Cuba.
He is currently in the Basque Country working for companies such as Ertza (Asier Zabaleta), LaRutan or Hortzmuga. During his time in Europe he has worked for Circo Royal, as well as in several projects directed by Matxalen Bilbao, Maria Andrez, Eneko Borao, Blanca Arrieta, Mikel del Valle or Aiala Etxegarai.